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Enroll in an Online SAP Academy and stand out at the marketplace. Those who have the value of a SAP Certification are unique. Be a recognize professional in the business world regarding you level of specialization ad for helping your clients to reach their goals. Be on the top of your career!


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Why should you enroll in a Official online SAP Academy? Long-distance education is one of the main systems of training and development to people all over the world. Knowing that, SAP created e-Academy e-Academy with the following benefits:

  • SAP System Access
  • Study when and how you want
  • You don’t have to wait to gather a class team
  • Same content as in the presential course
  • Help and Support with a SAP Partner
  • Access former or elaborated tests and simulations

Reinvent yourself to the market and achieve the top!

Enroll in a SAP online Academy and increase your visibility as a certified SAP consultant.


Personal Material

You have the courseware at your disposal to check and learn at any time, easily and fast.


Why would you spend more? You can access the same course content of a presencial course paying much less.

Optimized purchase

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Single user

Be an official certified SAP professional. Along with Builtcode, you turn yourself into a SAP Professional – no tricks, keep your watch!

Have you thought of which Academy shall you start?

There are many reasons for you to register in one of the Official online SAP Academy. We know that during the hard times, the knowledge one has prevails and stands out in one’s career, according to the movement of the people inside a corporation or to the process of market position replacement or even during a job position selection process.


Want to learn more?

Did you know that we have special conditions and products intended for your company or education institution?

That’s right! A differentiated product like the Learning Hub to Universities and Colleges, SAP Competence Evaluation and Consultants divulgation.

Most Popular Courses

Academy ERP

$ 3,520
  • 60 Days
  • +2 Languages
  • +1 Hand book
  • 0 Free Pass*
  • Live Access included
  • Business management
  • Entirely Online

Academy MM

$ 7,744
  • 90 Days
  • +2 Languages
  • +1 Hand book
  • 1 Free Pass*
  • Live Access included
  • Materials Management
  • Entirely Online

Academy SD

$ 7,744
  • 90 Days
  • +2 Languages
  • +1 Hand book
  • 1 Free Pass*
  • Live Access included
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Entirely Online

Learning Hub

$ 2,675
  • 365 Days
  • +10 Idiomas +10 Languages
  • +2.000 Hand books
  • 0 Free Pass*
  • Learning Room included
  • All the areas
  • Entirely Online


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