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In this course, you will learn how to perform the main activities of the sales and distribution process. You will learn to personalize functions and configurations of the sales and delivery processes, as well as use this personalization in distribution, handling and sales determination processes in general.

Desirable Knowledge:

Knowledge in Sales and Distribution processes.

Course modules:

  • 1 – SAP129 SAP Navigation
  • 2 – TERP01 Introduction to SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver
  • 3 – TERP61 SAP ERP: Introduction to Processes in Sales Order
  • 4 – TERP65 Order-to-Cash Processing in SAP ERP Management
  • 5 – SM001 Introduction to SAP Solution Manager
  • 6 – TSCM60 Order Fulfillment I
  • 7 – TSCM62 Order Fulfillment II

Course Friendly Name:


Official Name:

SAP eAcademy SCM Order Fulfillment

SAP Course Code:


Offered Languages:

English and Portuguese

Recommended Audience:

General Consultants, Project Managers, Key users and Sales and / or Distribution professionals, with the aim of starting in SAP environment.

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1 – SAP129 SAP Navigation


In this course you will be able to learn all the general key terms of the SAP System as well as learn how to navigate and use features common to all SAP modules.

Detailed content:
  • The SAP navigation course is designed to familiarize students with key terms and how to navigate the SAP system.
  • You will have contact with the key areas of SAP screens, such as fields and resources.
  • It will also be introduced to ways in which you can get additional help, modify and customize the look of your SAP system, as well as know and apply advanced features

2 – TERP01 – SAP ERP Business Process Basics and Navigation


In this course you will identify the organizational levels used in the SAP System, and know the functions and structure of master data in the business support of financial processes. It will also identify the various levels and types of reports available in SAP.

Detailed content:
  • Business Process Automation
  • Basic navigation in SAP ERP
  • Defining SAP-wide System Concepts
  • Explaining the concepts of NetWeaver Business Warehouse
  • Explaining Interrelated Business Processes
  • Navigating the SAP ERP System
  • Customize the UI

3 – TERP61 SAP ERP: Introduction to Processes in Sales Order


In this module you will learn how to list the organizational levels and master data that are critical to the Sales Order Management process. You will also learn how to finalize sales processes and know the integration points with other key SAP ERP processes. You will have access to the reporting and analysis tools used to manage the sales process.

Detailed content:
  • Organizational Units in Sales Order Processing
  • Material and customer master data
  • Creating sales orders
  • Generation of deliveries
  • Creating transfer orders and posting "goods issue" transactions
  • Invoice Generation and Payment Receipt
  • Using the SAP System for Report Generation

4 – TERP65 Order-to-Cash Processing in SAP ERP Management


In this module you will learn how to navigate the functionality of this module within SAP systems. You will understand how to conduct various business transactions using the SAP ERP system and know the integration points between applications within SAP ERP and know the role of the consultant in model definition for your implementations

Detailed content:
  • Finalizing payment order in SAP ERP
  • Describing the financial reserve process
  • Identify the organizational levels that support the budget process
  • Creating a Client-Type Master Record
  • Using Material Records Array
  • Creating sales order
  • Creation of deliveries
  • Creating Transactions for Goods Transfer and Release Orders
  • Generating an invoice and payment receipt
  • Using the Sales Information System to report activities

5 – SM001E – Introduction to SAP Solution Manager


In this course you will learn about SAP Solution Manager concepts and the tools available in it.

Detailed content:
  • This module aims to familiarize you with the principles and terminology of SAP Solution Manager. You will know the benefits of using SAP Solution Manager during the implementation of your SAP solutions and during support and operations.

6 – TSCM60 Order Fulfillment I


In this module you will learn how to execute the key business procedures involved in sales and distribution processing and implement key functions and settings in sales and distribution processing

Detailed content:
  • Sales and distribution processes: sales and distribution organizational structures, working with customer master data and materials in sales and distribution, overview of the process chain for sales order processing, introduction of sales and distribution prices, introduction to sales and distribution Availability check, distribution with the make-to-order of production, transformation of materials, credit notes and processing of returns, introduction to sales and distribution of reports
  • Sales: Creation and transformation of sales orders, sales document types, item categories, programming line categories, document flow and copy control, partner determination, contracts and scheduling agreements, special business transactions, determination Of material, selection of products and free goods.
  • Sales case study
  • Delivery process: Control output for deliveries, creation and processing of deliveries, sorting, packaging, goods issue.

7 – TSCM62 Order Fulfillment II


In this module you will learn how to implement functions and customize price and billing settings, and use functions and settings to customize the sales and distribution processes, such as production and determination. You will use your knowledge directly as a consultant to practice the concepts learned in this course.

Detailed content:
  • Technical condition for the definition and maintenance of prices, surcharges and discounts
  • Configuring payment terms tables, access sequences, and condition types as part of the price
  • Using prices and other conditions in sales documents
  • Promotions and sales offers and rebate processing
  • Case study for pricing
  • Control the documents of collection and creation of forms and forms of settlement of the collection documents
  • Billing and write-off plans and revenue account determination, account assignment business, and the characteristics of the SD-FI interface

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