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In this course, you will learn how to manage purchases, acquisitions and inventory. You will also learn how to make a purchase of materials and / or services, inventory management, supply management planning and delivery of material and/ or services. This course is indicated for consultants in general, project managers, key-users and employees involved in any of the activities of the supply chain management in a company

Desirable Knowledge:

Knowledge in Inventory and Material Management processes.

Course Modules:

  • 1 – SAP129 SAP Navigation
  • 2 – TERP01 Introduction to SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver
  • 3 – TERP40 (Purchase-to-Pay Processing in SAP ERP)
  • 4 – SM001 Introduction to SAP Solution Manager
  • 5 – TSCM50 Procurement I
  • 6 – TSCM52 Procurement II

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Official Name:

SAP Procurement E-Academy

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Offered Languages:

English and Portuguese

Recommended Audience:

General Consultants, Project Managers, Key users professionals involved with goods and services purchase, inventory management, production planning (including purchase of materials and services).

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1 – SAP129 SAP Navigation


In this course you will be able to learn all the general key terms of the SAP System as well as learn how to navigate and use features common to all SAP modules.

Detailed content:
  • The SAP navigation course is designed to familiarize students with key terms and how to navigate the SAP system.
  • You will have contact with the key areas of the SAP screens, such as fields and resources.
  • It will also be introduced to ways in which you can get additional help, modify and customize the look of your SAP system, as well as know and apply advanced features

2 – TERP01 – SAP ERP Business Process Basics and Navigation


In this course you will identify the organizational levels used in the SAP System, and know the functions and structure of master data in the business support of financial processes. It will also identify the various levels and types of reports available in SAP.

Detailed content:
  • Business Process Automation
  • Basic navigation in SAP ERP
  • Defining SAP-wide System Concepts
  • Explaining the concepts of NetWeaver Business Warehouse
  • Explaining Interrelated Business Processes
  • Navigating the SAP ERP System
  • Customize the UI

3 – TERP40 (Purchase-to-Pay Processing in SAP ERP)


In this module you will learn how to navigate in SAP Systems and perform various business transactions as well as know the integration points between applications within SAP ERP. You will also know the model definitions of implementations to act in SAP project.

Detailed content:
  • Production Planning in SAP ERP
  • Describing the Production Planning Business Process
  • Identify organizational levels that support production planning
  • Defining Production Processes
  • Explain the integration between production planning and CO
  • Creating a Product Cost Estimate
  • Demand Product Planning
  • Define Material Requirements (MRP)
  • MRP Processing
  • Describing the manufacturing process of the companies
  • Creating and Releasing a Production Order
  • Executing a material withdrawal for a production order
  • Performing Order Confirmation and Posting a Goods Receipt
  • Stock transfers and transfer postings
  • Performing Period Activities for Production Orders
  • Listing the Integration Points of Production Planning
  • Defining integrated payment order to MM

4 – SM001E – Introduction to SAP Solution Manager


In this course you will learn about SAP Solution Manager concepts and the tools available in it.

Detailed content:
  • This module aims to familiarize you with the principles and terminology of SAP Solution Manager. You will know the benefits of using SAP Solution Manager during the implementation of your SAP solutions and during the support and operations.

5 – TSCM50 Procurement I


In this module you will learn how to perform the basic functions of the SAP ERP supplies module. It will also make the necessary adjustments to the consumption-based planning and use the special purchasing, logistics and invoice verification functions.

Detailed content:
  • Acquisition of inventory material, consumables and services
  • Material management master data: material, supplier, purchase information record, source list and quota system
  • Purchasing documents and functions: purchase requisition, quotation / quotation request, purchase order, contract, purchase schedule, origin determination and document release procedure
  • Purchasing proposals through consumption-based planning, especially the planning point of replenishment process
  • Detail and customize logistic and invoice verification settings
  • Reports relevant to this module
  • Automation options in the acquisition process in SAP ERP

6 – TSCM52 Procurement II


In this module you will learn how to perform a goods receipt in the SAP system and make the main settings. You will also learn how to design and perform a physical inventory of warehouse inventory, make customized materials management settings, and use the knowledge gained in this course in a case study.

Detailed content:
  • Goods Receipts, Goods Receipts, and Transfer Postings
  • Product Reservations
  • Special forms of inventory management
  • Preparation and realization of a physical inventory
  • Customize settings for organizational levels, master data, purchasing, inventory management, physical inventory, and account determination.

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