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SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes


In this course, you will learn how to navigate in SAP system e will learn how many commercial transactions are made, as well as the integration points between applications of ERP SAP, giving then wide knowledge to actively participate in the definition of the models of your implementation.

Desirable Knowledge:

Knowledge in Business Management processes.

Course modules:

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SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes

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Offered Languages:

English and Portuguese

Recommended Audience:

General Consultants, Project Managers, Key users and Processes Managers.

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SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes


Obtain general knowledge in business management processes

Detailed content:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Explaining Interrelated Business Processes
  • Using SAP Business Suite to automate business processes

  • SAP ERP Navigation
  • Performing navigation within the SAP ERP system
  • Outlining concepts applied through SAP applications
  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Concepts
  • SAP Features (Overview)
  • Customize the SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Financial Accounting
  • Accessing tasks in SAP FI
  • Define organizational levels in SAP FI and SAP Managerial Accounting (CO)
  • Defining master data in SAP GL - General Ledger

  • Management accounting
  • Accessing CO Functions
  • Definition of organizational levels in CO
  • Invoice postings in CO

  • SAP ERP Purchasing and Payment Process
  • Describing the business buying process
  • Identify levels of organizational support buy / pay generators
  • Defining master data used by business processes
  • Creating a Vendor-Specific Master Record
  • Creating purchase requisitions
  • Integration with SAP Ariba and purchasing functionality in SAP ERP
  • Post a goods receipt for a purchase order
  • Invoice Processing by Vendor
  • Performing automatic payment processing
  • Identify the points of purchase of Integration with payment

  • Production Planning in SAP ERP
  • Describing the Production Planning Business Process
  • Identify organizational levels of production planning
  • Defining products and material structure
  • Defining Production Processes
  • Explain the integration between production planning and CO (controller)
  • Creating a Product Cost Estimate
  • Demand for product planning
  • Define Material Requirements (MRP)
  • MRP Processing
  • Describing the manufacturing process
  • Creating and Releasing a Production Order
  • Performing a material withdrawal for a production order
  • Performing Order Confirmation and a Goods Receipt
  • Stock transfers and download postings
  • Performances by period for production orders
  • Listing the integration points of the production planning process

  • Order-to-Cash no SAP
  • Defining the Order-to-Cash Process
  • Identify the organizational levels for the Order-to-Cash process
  • Creating a Customer Master Record
  • Using an array of materials
  • Creating sales orders
  • Serving Sales Orders
  • Invoice creation by customers
  • Receiving customer payment
  • Using profit center
  • Analyzing the profitability of the external market segments
  • Defining Order-to-Cash integration points

  • Internal Orders, Fixed Assets, and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Describing the process between internal orders, fixed assets, and EAM
  • Creating a Fixed Assets master record
  • Monitoring costs using internal orders
  • Processing a Commitment to the Internal Order
  • Settle internal orders
  • Realization of period activities and Fixed Assets
  • Define the organizational levels used in EAM
  • Defining the technical objects used in the EAM
  • Integrating EAM and Immobilization Accounting
  • Creating maintenance notifications
  • Creating Maintenance Orders
  • Perform maintenance activities
  • Completing a Maintenance Order

  • Project Management in SAP ERP
  • Creation of projects with analytical structure of the project (EAP)
  • Planning dates and resources for a project
  • Atribuindo materiais e recursos para um projeto
  • The costs of planning the project and its revenues
  • Changing the progress of a project
  • Publication of an operation relevant to a project
  • Execution and closing of the period of the activities of a project

  • Human Capital Management (HCM / HR)
  • Explaining HCM processes
  • Definition of HCM structures
  • Explaining the process of hiring employees
  • Managing Employee Registry
  • Describing qualifications and role requirements
  • Outlining the training
  • Describing HCM support processes

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